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Covid 19 Update: General Info

The Covid19 Virus / Corona Virus has been with us now for 1 month and five days, the many changes which have occurred within this time has been so stark, and so unlike the natural tendencies of Jamaicans "the new normal". By and large we have submitted to the orders to stay home and stay away from each other, to do our part in discouraging the spread of this contagious disease.

Here at SECTION1 and 360 Recycle Manufacturing Ltd we have closed our doors to walk in visitors, but we are still open for business and able to do deliveries. Call us at 876-620-0586 or email / For 360 Recycle our partnership with Recycling Partners of Jamaica still stands and persons are able to deliver their plastic bottles to the Depot at our location at 21 Rousseau Road, a RPJ representative will be there to accept deliveries done within the period of 9:30am - 4:00pm.

Keep Safe

With the number of Corona cases on the rise here are a few tips we would like to remind you of.

  1. TAN A YUH YAAD: Of course if you have to you must leave, especially if you do not live in areas which are now under quarantine, or total lock down, but as much as it is in your ability to do so, stay home, and keep safe.

  2. WASH HANDS OFTEN: Its not so bad, we have been told to do so since we were kids, and to avoid touching face and mouth with your fingers, lets keep doing that. But to improve on that wash with alcohol based hand sanitizers as well to ensure that most of the germs you may come in contact with is destroyed. Lets also wear our face mask when going out. These are now becoming so fashionable that I am no longer self conscious when wearing mine.

  3. STAY AWAY: It is now being advised that we avoid close contact with persons who are sneezing, coughing or who are experiencing a fever. But be kind and helpful in as much as you can, as a human being, while being safe. Too many times people take instructions like these and turn them into things that they are not, creating a very unkind society. At this time many medical practitioners, are putting their lives and the lives of their families at risk to contain the virus, and to treat the sick, let us pray for them and applaud their efforts.

  4. BOOST YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM: Now is the time to sleep well get your 7-8 hours of rest, worry less, eat well, spend time with your family, and grow spiritually, when your body is well rested and satisfied you are better able to handle illnesses.


Close the Post with an Action

In closing I would like to encourage you to keep safe, follow the orders which have been put in place for our safety and remind you that SECTION1 and 360Recycle are still in the business of serving your best interest.

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