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Though naturally gifted before entering The Mico University College, it was at this noble institution that I was introduced to the formal qualities of art, which began my exploratory dive into the elements and principles of design with a focus on the linear qualities of design. 

Since my youth, the representational style has always appealed to me. I endeavored to represent human and animal anatomy, as accurately as my skills could support. And although figurative sculptures had lost its appeal by the 19th century with the rise of abstract and non-representational works, through to the Postmodern era, I have not succumbed to the pressure to be a part of that movement. Through the years I have remained true to my desire to capture, interpret and represent the world as I see it. Creating realistic work demands extraordinary skill and considerable discipline. It is extremely rewarding for me to capture the likeness of my subject and have the piece validated by viewers.

In some sense I may be regarded as an environmental sculptor because of my choice to use discarded materials as a sculpting medium. I give materials that are potentially harmful to the environment, such as plastics, styrofoam and paper, new life as they make up the volume and mass of my sculptures. However I would not want to be defined by the materials I use. 

Being an artist is a difficult profession , it is not an essential service and especially in time of crisis, aesthetic is regarded as an unnecessary indulgence, but as God would have it my love for working in a representational style has placed me in a niche that makes my skills valuable in the area of culture and heritage. Although most of my works are not considered fine art, I am happy to offer my skills commercially to impact national goals, preserve culture and create monuments and attractions for the world to see.

From ancient cultures to great masters such as Michelangelo, Bernini and Rodin, they all took commissions and created sculptures based on the demand of society, likewise art for me is not just for my personal gratification, but for the enjoyment of society at large. My works are not normally exhibited in galleries, they are however, in public areas, some life size and others monumental in scale. I am grateful to have been given the opportunity to work on government, corporate and private projects and to have collaborated with other artists and specialists in various industrial fields. I am humbled by the responsibility I have been given, to serve my nation in my generation and to inspire the future.


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